Recap 2/17

1. The boys and I made adobe bricks.  You’re never too old to play in mud.

2. Thanks to the cavalry reenactor for taking the time to let a squealing Tornado A pat and pat and pat his horse and explain to the older boys that it was a saber and how to use it correctly.

3. I am “the coolest mom ever” because for Valentine’s Day we gave the boys M&Ms dressed as Star Wars characters, “Angry Bird” key chains, and told their father to pick up Happy Meals for dinner.

4. I rocked V-Day.

5. By some weird twist of fate, I haven’t cooked since Monday.  I won’t be cooking tonight either.  I wonder who I can con into cooking tomorrow night’s dinner.

6. It was weird seeing family who had walked out of my life back when I was 13 come up and give me hugs and tell me how much my boys look like my brothers.

7. Tornado S hates nice clothes.

8. My little cousin has made a terrible, terrible mistake.  She has shown a weakness.  Now her father, uncles, and cousins knows she is totally disgusted by the thought of the older generation having sex.  Let the Viagra jokes commence.

9. Make friends with the kids behind the gelato counter.  They have access to chocolate.  They will give you some for free if you make them laugh.

10. Tornado S’s school celebrated Mother’s Day today.  According to Tornado S, I am 16, love broccoli, play video games with him, and my favorite color is blue.


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