Ah Lent

This year I had issues about what to give up or what to add to my life for Lent.  Lent is supposed to be a time of reflection, of reconnecting, of making life better in some way.  But in what way do I need to improve?  Lately, if I don’t let my pessimism get in the way, I feel like I’m living a charmed life.  The boys are awesome.  The money is coming in on time and stretching perfectly.  My friends are amazing.  I’m nearly giddy when I wake up and through my first text of the day.  My family is supportive.  My co-dependency, my pessimism, my tendency towards depression are all being well-managed.  My heart is so full.

I can give up desserts or chocolate.

  • Pro: It will help me fit better into my jeans.  It’s an easy decision.  It will teach me the benefit of sacrifice, reward, and appreciate the finer things in life.
  • Con: It’s hard.  It sucks.  And I can foresee at least two weekends I will bend to temptation.

I could exercise more.

  • Pros: I need to.  It’s easy to do.
  • Cons: Time.  Where would I find the time?!

I could go to church more.

  • Pros: I’m already doing that.
  • Cons: I’m already doing that.

I could pray and meditate more.

  • Pros: Fairly easy to do.  It would help me center and appreciate what I have,
  • Cons: Time.  Where can I buy more time?

I could give up smoking.

  • Pros: This is a no brainer.  It would be good for my health and the boys’ health.
  • Cons: I don’t smoke, so I guess that would be cheating.  Which means I shouldn’t give up drinking or recreational drugs, since I don’t do those either.

I could eat healthier.

  • Pros: Good for my health.  Good for the boys health.  More fruit!
  • Cons: I’m already doing this.  I’m actually debating going on the DASH diet.

I could give up TV.

  • Pros: It’s fairly easy to do.  I only watch four shows.  All on the internet.
  • Cons: But what would I do while did the laundry?  I don’t think I could survive without Jon Stewart that long.

Yeah, so that’s my problem.  After careful consideration, I’ve decided to get up a few minutes early and work on some meditation techniques.  I’ll keep going to church and improving my health.  And since I should, I got to work on what I want to do with my future.

Since today is Ash Wednesday, I got the boys up early and took them for ashes.  We’re lucky to have a church near us that has a priest stand outside all day to give ashes.  Sort of like a drive-thru.  This was Tornado S’s first year that I insisted he receive ashes.  I had to hold his head up because he kept staring at the fire pit, where people were tossing in strips of paper of what they will give up for Lent.  As we left, Tornado E looked at my forehead and said, “Wow!  Mommy, you have a huge cross on your head!”

I answered, “Well, some priests are generous.”

He responded, “What’s generous?”

And I answered, “generous is when you’re more giving.”

“Wow!  He was really generous with your ashes!”

Yes, he was.

2 Responses to “Ah Lent”

  1. visitingmissouri Says:

    I gave up sugar. As in: I had coffee without it all day. No cookies either. Shouldn’t you not be looking for one without cons?

  2. Elastamom Says:

    During Lent I’m really glad I don’t go to church. LOL. 🙂 Good luck with whatever you give up!!!

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