Recap 3/2

1. I’m having a harder and harder time writing.  That sucks.

2. I need to stop being so shocked when time flies.

3.  I learn the most interesting things about my mom when I talk to my grandma.

4.  Tornado A got a haircut.  It was 45 minutes of screaming, flailing, thrashing, and oh-dear-god-where-is-an-exorcist-when-you-need-one.  The hair cutter got a huge tip.

5.  Tornado E and Tornado S want to shave their heads.

6. Video games and DVDs are no longer the carrot to get my boys to clean their toys, do school work, or do their chores.  What’s the point of having them then?

7. I can find anything I want to buy on the Internet.  My problem is finding information I need.  I used to be so good at that.

8.  Did that new Facebook update thingy go through yet?  I should probably go check that out.

9.  To my mother: Until you stop playing Facebook games with every free second you have, you cannot complain about people messing with their phones.  Including me.

10. Those Sally Hansen Salon Effects kinda suck.  If I’m going to shell out that kind of money (because one use costs as much as a bottle of nail polish), those stickers better stick for a full week.  I’m only asking for a week, not the 10 days you advertise.  My stickers should not chip the next day.  They should not peel off five days later.  The first time I thought it was me, so I did some research to make sure I did it right.  Yup.  Still sucks.


2 Responses to “Recap 3/2”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Not enough time for writing certainly sucks. Having three boys could be implicated there!
    Time is giving me issues too.
    Hope next week is fun.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    I think it’s the time of year…writing is hard for me lately too.

    I miss having a Grandma.

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