Recap 3/9

1. We are now obsessed with Star Wars Fighter Pods.  Padme is watching me type.

2. Monday was Tornado S-Mommy Day, which included me volunteering at his class, then taking him to lunch, buying more Star Wars Fighter Pods, then going home, and playing with them.

3. Wednesday was Tornado E-Mommy Say.  We got self-served frozen yogurt and talked.

4. Tornado A has started calling me Mommy, instead of Mama.  It’s adorable and heart-breaking.

5. I saw a baby girl the other day, and my uterus skipped a beat.  No.  No.  NO.

6. One of the circle has moved away, and we are all heart-broken.  Except Tornado E.  He wants us to move to New York with them and live next door.  He’s sure this is a possibility.

7. The weather here is insane.  Mutli-personality, bi-polar insane!  It’s like it just spins a wheel and waits to see what it lands on.  Also my weather app needs to mention the wind and the windchill factor.

8. How could I forget how much I love movies based on comic books?

9. I’m becoming a little obsessed with nail art, like when women are obsessed with Martha Stewart.  I dream of having the time to do nail art.

10. Speaking of time, I read an article about managing it better.  One helpful hint was to replace “I don’t have the time for (blank)” with “(blank) is not a priority.” Saying “emailing my friends or reading my favorite bloggers is not a priority” is lame.  Saying “scouring the kitchen is not a priority” feels pretty good.


5 Responses to “Recap 3/9”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Would you like two more boys who are obsessed with Star Wars and podracers in particular – I can post ’em…

  2. Jane Says:

    “my uterus skipped a beat” – I love it! Me, too! (Except now, I’m way to old to even entertain the idea.)

  3. mrs.d Says:

    Ditto on numbers 5, 8, 9, 10… 🙂

  4. faemom Says:

    Karyn~ I could always take them off your hands for a little while, but you would have to return the favor one day . . . .
    Jane~ Me, I’m way to smart to entertain the idea. But then- No.
    Mrs. D~ We should hang out.

  5. Elastamom Says:

    What’s a Star Wars pod? My kids want to know…

    #5—me too!

    #10—my favorite!

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