Haircuts: The Reasons and the No’s

Evan and Sean wanted to shave their heads bald.  It fits into the healthy haircut rules, which were written in response to Evan.

Not a mohawk: Check.

Not a rat-tail: Check.

Symmetrical: Check.

Original hair color: Check.

And I gave them a thumbs up.

Sean’s reasons:

Because he doesn’t have to do his hair in the morning.

Because he looks more like the Emperor.

Because Uncle Matt did it.

Because he likes how it feels.

Evan’s Reasons:

Because he doesn’t have to do his hair in the morning.

And I think he thinks he looks cute.

Evan did ask for his head to be completely bald, no peach fuzz.

That’s all I need, a blue-eyed, blonde, white boy with a completely shaved head.  I would have to draw X’s on the back of his hands.  No thank you.

2 Responses to “Haircuts: The Reasons and the No’s”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    No rat tails? Do kids still have those these days? *L* I’m seriously considering shaving O. He’s got these weird cowlicks which are kinky to boot and stand straight up and he pretty much looks like the only boy in class that doesn’t fix his hair every day. Yeah I know… dumb right.

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