Recap 3/16

1. Where did I put the St. Patrick’s Day shirts I bought last month?

2. My boys prefer my mom’s M&M cookies to my chocolate chip cookies.  Some people have no taste.

3. Tornado A thinks he’s six.

4. We went to the park, and there was no one there.  I got to swing for ten minutes.  I want a swing.  Today my legs are sore.

5. So much for my vow of reading at least one other blog and commenting every day.

6. I went to a lecture about the business of writing.  I’m slightly intimidated but not enough to give up my dream.  And I think I found a career to pursue.

7.  After months of waiting, Tornado E is finally getting his two front teeth in.  The kid’s been toothless since October.

8. Tornado S wants to be the bad guy from Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.  NO!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  OVER MY DEAD BODY!  I draw the line at fictional bad guys from real-life evil groups.  I need a plan in case he starts identifies with real-life bad guys.

9. My mom is getting her breast reconstructed today.  They’re taking her stomach fat and building her breast back.  I volunteered my own stomach fat.  Because I’m a loving, giving daughter.

10. I’m out of town this weekend.  Without the tornadoes!  Yea!


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