Recap 3/30

1. In less than a week, I am regretting buying sand for the sand box. “Sand!  It’s EVERYWHERE!  So get used to it!”

2. Yes, I quote from kid movies.  That one I had completely memorized when I was younger.  Wait until I watch Hercules again.

3. Arizona bill HB2625 was defeated.  YEA!  The legislator who sponsored it plans on reworking it and bringing it back.  Boo!  I would like a few words with her.  Wait!  I have internet!  And PMS!  I think I have today’s project figured out.  Too bad I have responsibilities too.

4. Dear Evan’s baseball coach, I will not be teaching my son to dodge the ball because he can’t catch.  But thank you for the suggestions. -Evan’s Mom.

5.  Sean has decided to chew on small rubber toys so that we can add choking to the list of things he’s done in his life.

6.  Aidan has proven you can’t have too many teddy bears.

7.  I walked into the boys’ room this morning and blurted out “UGH!  What is that smell?  It’s disgusting!”  Boy smell.  Oops.  This might deserve a post.

8.  I’ve finally started catching up on reading blogs.  There are some seriously funny and smart writers out there.

9.  So I started a craft, it wasn’t ready to be finish yet.  Also, I realize I only have on crafting day a week.

10. I need to stop the telling three times and yelling the fourth.  Eye contact.  I got to remember that.


One Response to “Recap 3/30”

  1. Usualfool Says:

    I’m from a place made entirely of sand. The idea of buying it seems a little strange, but I recently bought dirt, so I can’t judge. You should probably expect to find it for years, so maybe you could think of it as a memento?

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