Faith, Belief, and Bad Guys

Tornado E: Christians are people who go to church!

Me: Um, no.  Christians are people who believe Jesus was Christ.  (Don’t say any more.  Don’t say any more.  They’re not old enough.  DO NOT say any more!)

Tornado E: Oh.  I believe in Jesus, so I’m a Christian.

Me: (Good enough.)  Yes.

Tornado S: I don’t believe in Jesus.

Tornado E: YES!  You do!

Tornado S: No, I don’t.

Me: Why not, Tornado S?

Tornado S: I don’t want to tell you.

Me: That’s ok.  I was just curious.

Tornado S: Can you guess who my favorite person in the Bible is?

Me: (How many “bad” guys have they taught him about?)  Judas?

Tornado S: THAT’S RIGHT!  JUDAS!  He’s a bad guy!

Me: (Don’t say anything.  Don’t say anything!) He betrayed Jesus, so many consider him a bad guy.  (Ah, crap.)

Tornado S: He had Jesus killed!

Me: (Shut up.  Shut up.  Shut up.)  No.  That was a bunch of temple leaders.  The (SHUT UP!).  Nevermind.  A lot of people were afraid of Jesus, so they went out and had him killed.

Tornado S: Because of Judas!

Me: Yes.  But Jesus had to die, so maybe Judas was doing what he was told.  (God, why am I having a religious discussion with my very young boys?!  I’m an idiot.)

Tornado S: Judas is still my favorite because he’s a bad guy.

Apparently I can’t keep myself from mudding up religious waters.

And when do I start worrying about Tornado S’s affinity for bad guys?  When he starts idolizing Stalin?

3 Responses to “Faith, Belief, and Bad Guys”

  1. Julianna Claire Says:

    Jesus loved “bad boys” too.

    Jesus was on the cross next to two bad boys. So, maybe teach your son Sean that there are two kinds of bad boys? One that loves Jesus and has a relationship with him and the other, the one who doesn’t know Jesus. And regardless, Jesus loved both of them.

  2. Adam Says:

    Well if he’s into bad guy’s it might be a good idea to read him story’s from the bible about bad guy’s, the bible has plenty of bad guy’s in it and it’s a good idea to get him interested it in the bible at a young age even if it is for an interest in the bad guy’s.

  3. Elastamom Says:

    Oh Faemom…he’s ok. He’s just allllll boy!!!

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