Fashion Sense

My mom is accusing me of being a bad parent.  Not in so many words.  Not very shocking.  I don’t help the boys pick their outfits.  I just make sure it’s weather appropriate.  She thinks I’m neglecting an important lesson.

And I rolled my eyes.

Kids should be able to express themselves through dressing.  They’ll figure out fashion sense.  I love Tornado E and Tornado S’s outfits. Tornado S is usually grab the first pair of pants/shorts and shirt kind of guy.  But Tornado E puts thought into his outfits, even if they’re a little unique.  I never had a problem.  Even with capes, full baseball uniforms, plaid with stripes, plaid shorts, clashing colors, tuxedos.  It was great.

I regretted it today.

Tornado E walked down stairs in a blue-and-white-checkered, long-sleeve, button-up shirt and blue-orange-black plaid shorts that reached under his knees.

My jaw dropped.

“Oh my,” escaped my mouth in a whisper.

Tornado E: What do you think, Mommy?!





Me: You definitely have style, Tornado E.  Can I take your picture?

He nodded.

Tornado S: Look at me, MOMMY!

Tornado S was wearing black camo pants with a Lego Star Wars shirt and a fireman boot and a cowboy boot. Tornado S was normal.

Tornado S: Take my picture!

My mom just might be right.


5 Responses to “Fashion Sense”

  1. Thekitchwitch Says:

    When Miss D. was three, she went through a phase where she would wear nothing but a pink tutu and a Superman t-shirt. I let her. My mother was horrified.

  2. memyselfandkids Says:

    Some day you will at that picture and laugh.

  3. becomingcliche Says:

    No matter who dresses my kids, they make the same fashion statement, which is “my mom shops a thrift stores.”

  4. Court Says:

    I have the opposite problem, my kid has way more fashion sense than I ever will. I try to encourage her but worry that it’s like the blind leading Superman (with super eyesight). I do hope maybe she’ll teach me a thing or two some day.

  5. melissa.scholes.young Says:

    I say pick your battles. I’d rather have a kids with manners than matching shorts. I have to agree that clothing is a rather safe way to let them express yourself. Evan is probably just a trend setter!

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