It’s official. He’s two.

Two years ago, on April 14th, at about 11:45pm, I started freaking out.  It had become very obvious I was going to give birth on April 15th.  I’m pretty sure I demanded the labor be stopped at that point, suggesting we start again in 24 hours.  Pain will do funny things to your brain.  Who wants to see what I say when I get a tattoo?

But “apparently” pitocin can’t be stopped.  I think they didn’t want to try.  And then hearing the ex and my mom proclaim my son would be an accountant!  If I wasn’t in so much pain, I’m sure I would have found something to fling at them.  I probably would’ve missed with the IV and the belt and all.  But I would have had *some* satisfaction.

Yup, my littlest dude was born on April 15th, and now he’s two.  Though he’s been acting Two for months now.

Some random facts about Tornado A:

1. It took well over a year for his angel kiss birth mark to fade away.  But you can still see it when he gets mad.  That gene came from me.

2. He’s a towhead.  While my brothers and I were all blonde as children, my mom was the last towhead in the family.

3. He now has to sleep with 5 boardbooks, a mama shirt or two, a teddy bear, and a baby quilt. I’m not sure how there’s room in the crib for him.

4. He’s starting to talk when he’s playing by himself.  babble-babble-babble? NO.  babble-babble-babble?  NO.

5. He has finally started to eat meat.  He’ll eat hot dogs and chicken cashew.

6. He loves watching cartoons and video games.  I feel like a failed parent.

7. He has yet to sit in time out.  I’m pretty sure this means I’m a failed parent.

8. He likes to take the boys’ toys, smile at the boys, show them, and then run off.  He’s a brat.

9. He adores his brothers.  It’s their hands he wants to hold when crossing the street.

10. He has to help me put things in the grocery cart, unload the grocery bags, and unload the dishwasher.  I’m still trying to figure out how helpful this really is.

If you’re just dying to know how Tornado A entered the world, here it is.  Happy Birthday, little man!  Hold on tight, this year is going to get rocky.

P.S. Yes, I did want to write and publish this yesterday, but I was in detention.  More on that in a post coming soon.


6 Responses to “It’s official. He’s two.”

  1. Nicole Says:

    You are not alone with feeling like you’re a failed parent loves tv and video games. Whenever I feel like that I think of my cousin. He is studying chemical molecular engineering at Hopkins and was (and probably still is) the video game/tv king! I never saw him do everything else, but he’s insanely successful. Weird, but it will all balance out. 🙂

  2. kebibarra Says:

    Happy Birthday and don’t worry we don’t do timeout’s well either (and we do try often) and mine loves cartoons as well–a little too much..I’m glad I’m not alone in the failed parent club lol.

  3. Cyn Says:

    Happy birthday, lovely kiddo! And snaps to you, Fae, for writing such a great post that he will cherish when he’s older.

  4. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Yay! Happy birthday! I was horrified when I learned that eldest was going to be an Aquarius, as I have never had easy relationships with them. He was a week overdue, but still managed to squeeze in to that sign – February 17th. Ah well — we have an intense relationship, but it’s good. Youngest is a Sagittarius, which suits me better. We get along famously. How do you do with your Aries Aiden? I am an Aries myself, so I am particularly fond of other Aries. 🙂

    Youngest also has hero worship of eldest. I hope they are always fabulous friends, even though they “play fight” constantly. 🙂

  5. Court Says:

    Aw. I like him already. Happy birthday little man!

  6. unicorn Says:

    Hey little dude, happy 2! *confetti*

    pleeeez unplug the video games. for the love of maud, pleeeez.

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