Just a Friendly Chat

“Hey, Evan’s Mom.”

I looked over to see Sweet Girl’s father walking up to me.  I found it amusing he didn’t know my name, even though I knew his.  But he never did the drop off the last two years, so we’ve only met at Sweet Girl’s birthday parties and school events. 

Me: Hey, Sweet Girl’s Dad!

SGD: Are your boys having a good time?

I looked over my shoulder at Sean and Evan diving into cupcakes.  I returned my gaze on Aidan who was thrilled to find another father to play catch with him.  He had already manipulated SGD to play with him earlier.

Me: They are.  Especially Aidan (as I pointed to him.)  Thank you for the party.

SGD: It’s good to see Sweet Girl play with all her friends.  (pause)  Sweet Girl’s mom really enjoys those nights out. 

Me: I love hanging out with her.  She’s so much fun.

SGD: I know she likes them because she tells me she’ll be home at 8, and then I get a text at 9:30, saying she’s on her way home.

I laughed.

SGD: But they’re good for her.  You should organize more of them.  This time was the first time I gave Sweet Girl a bath!

I chuckled.

Me: Soon you can just chuck her into the shower.

SGD: Is she old enough for that?

Me: Evan takes them some times.  He twirls underneath the water.  I have to drag him out.

SGD: Ha.  (We watched Aidan.)  He’s a cute one.  And, um, so is Evan.

Me: Thanks.  But Sweet Girl is so cute and sweet and smart.  She loves playing with Aidan when she comes over to our house.  A mamacita.

SGD: She’s a good kid.  I had nothing to do with it.  It’s all her mother.  So you have . . . two boys?

Me: No.  Three.  Evan.  Sean, who is turning 5.  And Aidan.

SGD: Who is three?

Me: Two.  He thinks he’s six thought.

SGD: You must be busy.

Me: Never a dull moment.

SGD: I wanted more, but Sweet Girl’s Mom is done.  It’s fine.  I’m lucky to have Sweet Girl.  I’m so glad she’s a girl.  The men in my family don’t do well with boys.

I chuckled.  I had heard that before, but I told that guy to suck it up and deal if he wanted to be a parent of any children.

Me: I’m sure you would have done fine.  Aidan likes you.

On cue, Aidan lost the ball, which rolled to us.  SGD stopped it and rolled it back.  Aidan snagged it, laughed, and ran back to his new playmate.


Me: So how are you?

SGD: Um.  Uh.  I’ve never had a mom ask me that before.  I don’t think most these moms know who I am.

Me: We could make you a name tag.

SGQ: That might help.

Me: So how are you?

SGD: Fine.  (I opened up my mouth for the follow-up question.) Oh, there’s my brother-in-law (who had been there the whole time).  I should, uh, um, talk to him.

He ran off. 

Huh, I usually do better than that with dads.  Heck, K’s and G’s dad wants to make me a drinking buddy.

I should really tell him I don’t drink.


2 Responses to “Just a Friendly Chat”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Good grief, you didn’t ask a man to talk about his f.e.e.l.i.n.g.s ?!!

  2. Court Says:

    I thought you did alright, it was just when there was the chance to go deep he bolted.

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