Just a Friendly Chat

“Hey, Tornado E’s Mom.”

I looked over to see Sweet Girl’s father walking up to me.  I found it amusing he didn’t know my name, even though I knew his.  But he never did the drop off the last two years, so we’ve only met at Sweet Girl’s birthday parties and school events.

Me: Hey, Sweet Girl’s Dad!

SGD: Are your boys having a good time?

I looked over my shoulder at Tornado S and Tornado E diving into cupcakes.  I returned my gaze on Tornado A who was thrilled to find another father to play catch with him.  He had already manipulated SGD to play with him earlier.

Me: They are.  Especially Tornado A (as I pointed to him.)  Thank you for the party.

SGD: It’s good to see Sweet Girl play with all her friends.  (pause)  Sweet Girl’s mom really enjoys those nights out.

Me: I love hanging out with her.  She’s so much fun.

SGD: I know she likes them because she tells me she’ll be home at 8, and then I get a text at 9:30, saying she’s on her way home.

I laughed.

SGD: But they’re good for her.  You should organize more of them.  This time was the first time I gave Sweet Girl a bath!

I chuckled.

Me: Soon you can just chuck her into the shower.

SGD: Is she old enough for that?

Me: Tornado E takes them some times.  He twirls underneath the water.  I have to drag him out.

SGD: Ha.  (We watched Tornado A.)  He’s a cute one.  And, um, so is Tornado E.

Me: Thanks.  But Sweet Girl is so cute and sweet and smart.  She loves playing with Tornado A when she comes over to our house.  A mamacita.

SGD: She’s a good kid.  I had nothing to do with it.  It’s all her mother.  So you have . . . two boys?

Me: No.  Three.  Tornado E.  Tornado S, who is turning 5.  And Tornado A.

SGD: Who is three?

Me: Two.  He thinks he’s six though.

SGD: You must be busy.

Me: Never a dull moment.

SGD: I wanted more, but Sweet Girl’s Mom is done.  It’s fine.  I’m lucky to have Sweet Girl.  I’m so glad she’s a girl.  The men in my family don’t do well with boys.

I chuckled.  I had heard that before, but I told that guy to suck it up and deal if he wanted to be a parent of any children.

Me: I’m sure you would have done fine.  Tornado A likes you.

On cue, Tornado A lost the ball, which rolled to us.  SGD stopped it and rolled it back.  Tornado A snagged it, laughed, and ran back to his new playmate.


Me: So how are you?

SGD: Um.  Uh.  I’ve never had a mom ask me that before.  I don’t think most these moms know who I am.

Me: We could make you a name tag.

SGQ: That might help.

Me: So how are you?

SGD: Fine.  (I opened up my mouth for the follow-up question.) Oh, there’s my brother-in-law (who had been there the whole time).  I should, uh, um, talk to him.

He ran off.

Huh, I usually do better than that with dads.  Heck, K and G’s dad wants to make me a drinking buddy.

I should really tell him I don’t drink.

2 Responses to “Just a Friendly Chat”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Good grief, you didn’t ask a man to talk about his f.e.e.l.i.n.g.s ?!!

  2. Court Says:

    I thought you did alright, it was just when there was the chance to go deep he bolted.

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