Recap 4/27

1. Holy Crap!  It’s Friday!

2. Speaking of “crap,” someone told Tornado E about John Crapper.  And he thought that would get him a pass on saying “crap.”  I started with sending him to time out.  I have yet sat him down to explain the truths and myths of inventors, toilets, and their uses.

3. So I took Tornado A for his two-year check up.  He has ear infections in both ears.  The doctor said something like “looks like it’s chronic.”  I’m waiting for my “Mom of the Year” plaque to come in the mail any moment.

4. It was crazy hair day at Tornado E’s school.  He went with blue and red stripes.  How could I deny Tornado S red hair?  He looks good as a red-head.

5. Every day three category 5 tornadoes have hit the house.  Or that’s what the house looks like.  Even after they pick up their toys.  Leaving me with almost no time to do anything but clean.

6. I love my new mom friend.  She’s hilarious.

7. You know you have true friends when you can tease on of them about masturbation and the whole group, including the friend, laughs.  I thought I might have crossed a line.

8. There were two SNAKES in my yard this week.  On the SAME DAY!  Sometimes I hate the f-ing desert!

9.  I think I have a caffeine problem.  But I’m ok with that.  I’m more concerned that I will lose all will power for two days in two days time and I have tons of chocolate in the house.  I need someone to manage me.

10. I have no done well in time management.  That really, really, really, really sucks.


One Response to “Recap 4/27”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Snakes. Yikes! Coffee = Survival. 🙂

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