Parent Detention

Friday I got some amazing news.  I was holding the last homework packet of the school year.  I think the last time I heard “no homework” was in high school, and I was just as thrilled now as I was then.  Because homework sucks, even for the parent.

It’s like detention. Sitting there with nothing to do with eyes glazed over, waiting for some one else to tell you that you can go, bored out of your skull.  To make it even more like detention, my dining set includes folding chairs, which are just as comfortable as school desks.

The packet before this one, Tornado E stretched three worksheets over five hours.  FIVE HOURS!  Watching paint dry would be more fun because the paint doesn’t argue or run away or whine.

I get it.  Homework is boring.  I remember pre-college homework.  Sitting there, staring into space, creating stories.  Or balancing on the back legs of a chair.  Or playing hockey with my brother with a wad of paper and a couple of pencils.  Or playing with my snack.  Or – you get the idea.  I spaced just as much as Tornado E.

But I’m pretty sure Tornado E is brighter than me when I was his age.  I thought if I told him if he buckled down and got his homework done, he would get it done quickly and be off playing.  That didn’t work.  If I left the room, he’d wandered off and start playing with toys.  If I was doing something else, he would do something else.  If I wasn’t paying close attention, he would entice a brother to keep him company.  Bathroom breaks took 30 minutes.  In the end, I had to just sit there, drawing his attention back to his homework with a brief stop for whining and an argument.  At least he couldn’t wander away, just wonder away.

How do people homeschool?

At least it’s over.

For now.

Until I make the boys do summer workbooks.

Every day.


I wonder if they would notice if I played “Fruit Ninja” on my phone while they did workbook pages?


One Response to “Parent Detention”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    ha! Right with you on this one. Homework sucks.

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