A Car, a Boy, a Future Family

Tornado E: When I’m a grown up, I’m going to get a Bug.

No surprised.  He’s obsessed over them.

Me: Cool.

Tornado E: How many seats are in the back?  Two or Three?

Me: Two.

Tornado E: Really?  Why?  I want three!

Me: It’s a small car.  People buy them because they want a small car that doesn’t need as much gas and are easy to get around in.

Fond memories of the Tempo surfaced in my mind.

Tornado E: They don’t need as much gas?

Me: No.  Like the Sequoia (as I patted the dashboard) needs more gas because it’s so big.

Tornado E: Oh.  Ok.  Then I’ll have two kids then.

Me: What?

Tornado E: When I get older and I have a Bug, I’ll have two kids in the back and a wife in the front seat.  Will God give my wife two kids?

Me: I-

Tornado E: Of course, He will.

Me: It doesn’t work that way.  What if you have three kids?

Tornado E: We can’t do that.  My car won’t fit three kids.  It’ll have to be two.  (Pause)  My wife could have a big car, and we’ll take hers as a family.  I’ll have my Bug too.

And with that, the issue was settled.

But I’m not.

What just happened?

2 Responses to “A Car, a Boy, a Future Family”

  1. Kass Says:

    So cute. My son plans for his future family too; just the other day he built his dream house for his wife and kids out of blocks. I had no idea guys did this as kids, I mean, I’m a lady and I never did that!

  2. mrs.d Says:

    I love your Evan stories… And he’s such a good problem solver too! 🙂

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