Recap 5-11

1. Sometimes I wonder if having a job that pays would be easier and more boring.

2. I don’t know why I torture myself by going to church by myself with the tornadoes.  Including the two-year-old.

3. More balance this week.  Thumbs up.  A lot more stuff done and to do.  Um. Thumbs.  Um.  Right.

4. Tornado A can recognize the “Golden Arches” and say “McDonald’s.”  I swear.  We haven’t been there in months.

5. How does an adult lose a piece of a game before the kids can play it?

6. “Hi!  I’m J.  I hate it when people form groups and leave someone just standing there.  What’s your name?”  I think I’m going to like this woman.

7. “I figured out the boys have an authority issue and deal with it passive-aggressively.”  None of Tornado E’s old kindergarten teachers were surprised.  Why was I the last to know?

8. I totally think the person who chose the cover of this week’s Time Magazine hates breastfeeding.  No, we don’t need another “Mommy War.”  And most of us are trying to convince society that breastfeeding is natural and non-sexual.  The cover will only make it worse for us.  Sure, most of us think it’s weird.  But everyone does some weird parenting thing.  Oh. And it’s not sexual!

9. I also am convinced that my state government hates women.  Any one have moving suggestions?

10. Tornado S is out of school next Wednesday. Tornado E gets out a week after that.  I have nothing planned this summer.  NOTHING.  I’m screwed.  So very screwed.


One Response to “Recap 5-11”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    New Zealand for the move. Mud for the holidays, and trees. Lots of lego. Building huts:inside and out. Dressing up and shooting Mumma with lego. Drawing. Cutting every piece of paper they can find into little bitty pieces. No wait, that’s my house!

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