That’s my kid

Mother’s Day found us at my uncle’s house.  My dad’s brother.  The legendary clan of pranks, jokesters, and tricksters.  I had forgotten, or maybe I hadn’t realized fully, that my uncle had taught his kids to play a little more rough than the rest of us.  I’m the eldest.  What did it matter that my little cousins were doing pink belly or hurtz donuts?  I could put them in a headlock or throw them over my shoulder.

I did remember my little girl cousin had a streak of viciousness to her jokes and pranks as well as a touch of tactlessness that made her cross  that line without even realizing it was there.  She didn’t realize when the joke should have ended.  I have always hoped age and life would smooth those edges.

Little cousin: We should put a bow in your hair.

Tornado S: NO!

Little cousin: A big pink bow!

Tornado S: NO!

LC: AND a dress to match!

Tornado S: NO!

LC: And we’ll paint your nails pretty pink to match your pink dress and your pink bow!

Tornado S: NO!!!

LC: But you’ll be so pretty!

Tornado S: NO!!!!

Apparently those edges weren’t so smooth yet.

LC: Think how cute and pretty you’ll be!  Like  a princess!

Tornado S: NO!!!!

LC: With your bright pink bow!

Tornado S: NO!!!!

LC: And your bright pink dress!

Tornado S: NO!!!!

LC: And your bright pink nails!

Tornado S: NO!!!!

Tornado E: How about red nails Tornado S?  Like the Emperor?

Ah, a new challenger has entered the field.

Tornado S: YEAH!!!  Red like the Emperor!

LC: Tornado E, we’ll get you a dress too!

Tornado E: (shrugs) That’s ok.  I like dresses.

My little cousin looked at me.  Her mouth opened.  I say the gay joke fluttered in her eyes.  Something to save face.

Me: That sure shut you up.

She closed her mouth.  I smiled.

Me: That boy is a (family name) through and through.  Meet yourself, Little Cousin, when you were six.

Tornado E smiled.

Between you and me, I don’t think my little cousin was ever as quick and bright as Tornado E.  The talent is strongest in the eldest.  And Tornado E is the eldest in a long line of eldests.


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