A bit about Tornado S

It’s a crazy whirlwind here as the last days of school tick down to summer vacation that I am completely unprepared for.  Tornado S “graduated” from pre-kindergarten yesterday, but that is only a minor blip in the radar.  More importantly tomorrow is his birthday, which he has told nearly everyone he saw running errands today while wearing his birthday crown from school.

Since he’s been counting down for over two weeks, I might as well start the celebration off here with 10 things about Tornado S:

1. According to a questionnaire taken at school, Tornado S wants to be a police officer when he grows up.  Isn’t that a far cry from the Sith Lord he tells me he wants to be?

2.  His favorite color is red.  Because of the Sith Lords.

3. If he picks out a book, it’s always a Star Wars book.  Always.

4. The phrases he says most are “Right?”  “Can you even believe it?”  “What the?”  “Oh my God” “Did you know that?”

5. When he gets excited, he grins from ear and ear and shakes his fists next to his face.  It’s pretty adorable.

6. Tornado S is a nice tan color.  When he was younger and I would help him wash his hands, I used to scrub and scrub his hands to get the dirt off.  About the fifth scrubbing, it would dawn on me that it was his skin color.  Oops.

7. I have to buy the kid pop corn when he goes to the movies or he won’t shut up.

8. The kid is ambidextrous.  My brothers want to teach him how to pitch.  I just want to teach him how to write.  And I could if he wasn’t so damn stubborn in his belief that he can’t.

9. He creates whole worlds with his toys.  I love watching him.

10. We just got Skylanders.  Tornado S now has a competing obsession with Star Wars.

So happy birthday, my boy!  Hopefully this year is all that you want it to be.

And if you’re curious, this is Tornado S’s birth story.


3 Responses to “A bit about Tornado S”

  1. Dana Talusani (@thekitchwitch) Says:

    I love every detail about Sean. Miss D. was ambidextrous until school, where they encouraged her to use her right hand. Happy Birthday!

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Happy Birthday Sean!

  3. Jane Says:

    Happy Birthday Sean! May the force be with you!

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