Just a random tip

I probably never mentioned it.  But Tornado S used to have dandruff.  It never flaked off.  It just clump on his scalp around his hair follicles.  I hated it.  He hated it.  Ok.  He hated that I hated it because it turns out I pick at things.  Like when the boys had cradle cap.  Poor boys.

But the dandruff.  I would have his hair cut short, and then I would soak his scalp with baby oil.  Then I would comb it all out with Tornado S protesting all the way.  Every time I had his scalp cleared, it would reappear.  I changed shampoos.  I asked everyone who cut Tornado S’s hair.  Nothing worked.

Then one day I read a random tip.  Comb the hair with hand sanitizer, which will kill the bacteria making the dandruff.  Weird.  Ok, maybe not so weird.  Once inTornado  E’s babyhood, I was getting his picture taken and his hair was a mess.  I had no water, no gel.  But I had hand sanitizer.  It turns out hand sanitizer makes a good hair gel.

So I styled Tornado S’s hair with hand sanitizer for a couple of days.  And it worked.  It got rid of the dandruff.  It’s been months, and he still hasn’t had any.

So there you have it.  A random tip for the day.


One Response to “Just a random tip”

  1. Dana Talusani (@thekitchwitch) Says:

    This is so timely. Miss D. has flakey psoriasis or something and it’s driving her mad, so she’s pulling her hair out in chunks. I am trying this tonight. I love you, Fae!

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