A Late Re-cap for 5/25

1. I have a thing for the number five.  To not write on 5/25 kinda sucked.

2. I was furniture shopping.  Tornado A needs a bed.  My mom thought going at his nap time made sense.  Of course it was 101 out at the time, so I’m not sure what kind of sense that made.

3. What turns a good kid party into a great one?  Snow Cones.  The clan has a snow cone machine; my mom hunted it down and borrowed it.

4. Summer started on last Thursday.  I have a post about that.

5. Finally my friends have accepted I can handle watching more than my three.  Note to self: When I go back to work, I must find a stay-at-home mom that I like and will open up her home to lots of other children.

6.  According to our playdate, I’m the best mommy ever.  Because I use star-shaped ice cubes.

7.  I think I might be catching up on my work.

8. Little League is over.  School is over.  I want to just stay home.

9.  Tornado A is now sleeping with a dozen stuffed animals and a half of a dozen books.

10. Since 5/25, someone in the house has had a fever.  The boys are good sharers and have shared the dates.

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