Scratch That

Yesterday (or the last two weeks) I’ve been out of my mind.

Completely insane.

Because today the boys conspired to destroy my summer dreams.

It took Tornado E TWO hours to finish to workbook pages, front and back.  We have started on Tornado  S’s 5th hour.  He did one workbook page front and back and was required to write his name twice and capital A and lower case a twice.  He still has one set of A’s to go.

So.  We didn’t go to the library for story time and signing up for the summer reading program.  We didn’t go to the bread store or the bakery, which needs to be done today.  We didn’t watch a DVD.  The house isn’t picked up.  We didn’t do a craft.  I didn’t get to make the phone calls that needed to be made.  I didn’t get my nap.  I didn’t get to make my planned lunch.  Right now, we’re not going swimming.

I left them alone.  I sat with them.  I nagged them.  I withheld lunch.  I sent Tornado S to his room twice.  Tornado E has done pick up duty twice for bugging Tornado S.  I took a Mommy time out.

Just when I decided to a) start screaming, b) start guilting, or c) become snide and sarcastic, I decided I had enough, stormed upstairs and took a shower.  I was “this” close to becoming my mother.  God, help me.  Now that I’m refreshed with pain meds for the headache, I’m writing this post with the door shut and locked with Tornado E and Tornado A doing God knows what and Tornado S should still be glued to his seat at the table.  This right here is why I don’t home school.

My children and I are stubborn.  Pig-headed, really.  They have issues with authority that they are passive-aggressive with.  I only see one solution and damnit it’ll work.  I think I have a problem here.


Back to the drawing board.  Because today isn’t over, and tomorrow is a new day.


I still don’t feel hopeful, but at least I’ve rejected screaming, sarcasm, guilting, and beatings as solutions.

6 Responses to “Scratch That”

  1. kebibarra Says:

    can’t tell you how much I appreicated this b/c listen lately I too have fought off being “that” mother!! have a great day!!

  2. Elastamom Says:

    I’m so sorry I’ve been absent! It’s been insane!!! We start summer break next week and I’m scared. Hold me.

  3. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    OK, I know it’s probably summer holidays now so this is probably useless in the short-term, but this is what you do.
    Go buy a packet of m and ms or other small sweets. Put a glass in front of each boy – one that’s see-through. Tell them for every section (make it different for each child depending on what they have to accomplish) that is done neatly and properly they will get one m and m in their glass. They are not allowed to eat them until they have finished everything properly. Then put the m and ms in your pocket and tell them to come and fetch you when they’re ready to start. Turn away and go and do the dishes or something and wait for them to come to you.

  4. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Don’t let them eat even one m and m until everything is done. But they get to look at them…

  5. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    …as they work. And be super fussy about tidiness in their workbooks.

  6. unicorn Says:

    oh, srsly, you need to put beatings back on the itinerary. at least weekly.

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