Recap 6/1

1. The first week of summer has passed.  I’m still standing.  I just have to adjust my expectations.

2. We started the summer off with fevers.  Now all psychosomatic symptoms are gone.

3. Never wash sheets until all illnesses have run their courses.

4. If he has no pants on, Tornado A removes his diaper once he wets it and hands it to me.  I’m not sure how to process this.

5. We had a chick in our backyard, learning to fly.  It was the perfect lesson about trying again.

6. When his workbook told him to draw a cat and a ball, Tornado E decided to draw a really tiny cat and really huge ball because he thought it was funny.

7. Tornado S can’t wait for the Annoying Orange show on Cartoon Network.  I’m thankful we don’t have cable.

8. Never buy nail polish angry.

9. Yesterday’s playdate was . . . wow . . . very hands on.  It happens when two very strong personalities are in the same house for too long.  Did I mention they were both the eldest?  Yeah, that was fun.  I only volunteered to do it four more times or more.

10. So I failed on signing up the boys for classes and camps, I’m getting good at finding free activities around the city.  Today it was a magic show.  Tomorrow Lego Club.


One Response to “Recap 6/1”

  1. Jane Says:

    #1 – I actually snort laughed at this one.
    #5 – What a precious teaching moment.
    #8 – I can only imagine the color you chose.

    Glad you’ve survived the first week! xoxo

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