The M&M Caper

I have a bowl of M&Ms in the kitchen.  It seemed Tornado E and Tornado S collected candy from school, birthday parties, holidays, and poor Tornado A never had any.  Tornado E would ask for candy for dessert instead of the home-made goodie of the week, and poor Tornado A would want some too.  So I got a bowl of M&Ms.  They were dessert.  They were special treats.  They were awesome.

Friday as I talked to my mom on the phone, I walked into the kitchen and notice an M&M on the floor.  Huh.  Then I noticed another.  And then another.  A small trail of M&Ms.  I looked over at the counter, noticing the little child’s chair next to it.  On the back of the counter, nearly hidden by the bread-maker, there was an empty spot where the bowl of M&Ms should be.

Me: Oh dear.  The bowl of M&Ms is gone.  I have a trail, and then it stops.

My Mom: Really?  Which boy?

Me: Tornado A.  I heard him banging around the kitchen earlier.  (I was searching the kitchen and the connecting family room.)  I’m surprised he was able to reach out and snag it.

My mom: Ask him where it is.  I’m sure he’ll be excited to show you.

I went hunting for Tornado A who sat at the top of the stairs.

Me: TORNADO A!  Where’s the M&M bowl?  Show Mommy where the bowl is!

Tornado A smiled back at me, turned on his belly, and slid down the stairs.  He stood up at the bottom and grabbed my hand.

Tornado A: Way!

Tornado A toddled into the family room, dragging me along with him.  He went to the child-size recliner and pointed to the empty bowl.  He beamed up at me.

Tornado A: THERE!

Me: Um, Mom.  He ate almost a full bowl of M&Ms.

My mom: Oh really?  And where were you?

Me: In the shower.

I looked around.  I noticed an M&M.  Then I noticed another.  And another.  I finally collected 12 M&Ms.  I looked at Tornado A who was standing watching me.  He didn’t smell of chocolate.  He didn’t have chocolate or colored stuff on his face.  He didn’t have colors on his palms.  Huh.

I moved the recliner to see if any more where around.  It rattled.  I ran my hand between the edge of the cushion and the arm.  Several M&Ms fell to the floor.

Me: He put them in the green chair.

My mom: The child-size one?

I didn’t have any other green chairs.

Me: Yup.

My mom: Be thankful.  He didn’t eat it them.  He played with them.

Me: Thankful.  I’ve got to go and try to get M&Ms out of the chair.

My mom: Bye, sweetheart.  I love you.

Me: I love you too.  Talk to you later.

I hung up and set down the phone.  Tornado A was playing with cars.  I picked up and shook the chair, spilling M&Ms everywhere.

Tornado A: M’s!

Me: Tornado A.  Ask Mommy next time you want an M.

Tornado A: (holding up an M&M) M?

Me: (sigh) Yes.

Imagine how thankful I felt that night as I swept and mop the floor and every time I moved that damn chair more M&Ms fell out.

2 Responses to “The M&M Caper”

  1. unicorn Says:

    Be thankful he didn’t stick one up his nose or in his ear. Ahem.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    Your boys crack me up.

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