It’s good to have plans for the future

I was making breakfast, and Tornado S was standing on the kid table to lean on the island to talk to me.

Tornado S: When I’m a dad, I’m going to have a big house with lots of toys for my kids and I to play with!

Not a bad goal.

Tornado S: I’ll name all the babies!  My wife will not name any!

Do I abuse him of this notion?  Not one told me I couldn’t name my girls Cindy and Samantha and Amethyst.

Tornado S: I will name one girl Phoebe because we have a friend who has a baby named Phoebe!

I wasn’t aware you noticed Phoebe at all, since her brother is in the other class.

Tornado S: I will name my other girl Beans!


Tornado S: Because I will feed my children lots of beans so that they will grow big.  Lots of beans and milk!

At least he’s thinking of feeding his kids a healthy diet.

Tornado S: I will drink lots of milk too because I’m going to be a tall daddy when I grow up!

Maybe he’ll start drinking his milk without threats of staying at the table until he does.

Tornado S: I will call my youngest son Darth Sediuous!

Of course, you will.

Me: How many children are you going to have.

Tornado S: FOUR!  My other son I will name Spyro from the Skylander game!

I think that covers it.


2 Responses to “It’s good to have plans for the future”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Haha! That had me laughing out loud! He’s got it all planned out!

  2. kebibarra Says:

    Faemom!! I love reading your blog and have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Hope you don’t mind!

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