Recap 6/15

1. So I’m “technically” posting twice on the same day.  But I started the last post yesterday, so I’m counting it for yesterday.  My blog, my rules.

2. When properly motivated, those boys can sit down and do their work quickly.  Not quietly.  And right.  They hardly make a mistake.

3. The “in-laws” are in town.  Which means I’ve got to learn to accept my father-in-law as a very selfish, selfish man but not accommodate it because it gnaws on my codependency and my history.  Err.

4. I painted Tornado E’s nails.  I love that he wants me to.

5. Wonders will never cease.  Among Tornado S’s toys, The Emperor was defeated by a bunch of Skylanders.  There is hope for him yet!

6. Tornado A has no fear of the water.  None.  And he thinks he can swim.  I now have a fear of the water.

7.  My scale and I are back on non-speaking terms.  Gaining nine pounds in a week.  Kiss my @ss.  Stupid scale.

8.  I need to write more.  Posts, stories, articles.  They’re bumping around in my head, making me a little crazy.  No poetry though.  Ok.  Some.  But horrible, terrible, burn worthy stuff.

9.  I’m still waiting to see if I get to keep renting the house we’re in or if we’re going to have to bug-out.  Our lease was up at the end of May.  This too has made me a little crazy.

10.  For just one day, I felt home, having my best friend visit.  Why are all the (non-related) people I love greatly live those damn far away?  Life can be so sad.

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