Going from clever to not funny

Years ago I fell in love with the X-box version of “Gauntlet.”  As often when you love something, my friends and I started including game quotes in our every day interactions.  Who doesn’t love “Blue Warrior needs food badly?”  When one of us did something new or brilliant it was “Green Valkyrie has gained a level.”  With whatever character was our character.  Ah, the fun we have.

Now my boys are slightly obsessed with “Skylanders.”  Tornado E often says “The Water Element is stronger in this zone” (when in the pool) or “The Undead Element is stronger in this zone” (at night).  It’s rather quite brilliant and cute.

Or it was.

Until Tornado S came up with “The Penis Element is stronger in this zone.”  He repeats it often because he finds it funny.

Sometimes I think I’m raising Frat boys.  Heaven help me.

And them.


2 Responses to “Going from clever to not funny”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Oh my goodness! Initially, if my boy would have said that I would have died with laughter, then realized what he said and fear would set in that he might say it at school to another child. Kids are something else.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    That’s cool…they can hang out with my frat boys.

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