Recap 6/29

1. During the school year, all I wanted to do on the weekend was to get out; now that it’s summer, we’re doing so much during the week that I want to stay in during the weekend.

2. I know too many parents who do not have morning birds for children.  Life is not fair.

3. I took my boys to a used book store for an event to make beads for an organization that hangs them up to remind people to be kind.  Add chocolate, and it would have been perfect.

4. Tornado A can swim six feet.  Yes, the two-year old can swim six feet.  He just doesn’t know how to surface.

5. Tornado S start asking me to “add lines” to his lined paper.  Now that I trace them, Tornado S is starting to write his name with some neatness and readability to it.

6. I thought we had a handle on Tornado E’s name-calling and cussing.  Until he admitted he called a boy a “dimwitted f–k” at a party last night.  If-.  I-.  I will-.  He’s.  Yeah.  Just yeah.

7.   Because I wait until lunch time to call my Dad does not mean I forgot his birthday.  I was being considerate.  He gets that.

8. We are researching ninjas for our ninja fairy tales.  Tornado E thinks we should make it all up.  No.  This is what you do when you write about something you don’t know; you research it.

9. Now there are two more articles about motherhood that piss me off.  The Atlantic’s “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All?” and The New Yorker’s “Why Are American Kids So Spoiled?”  While they have been written about quite a bit, I might just throw my hat into the ring just to stop steaming over it.

10. I have missed playing Marco Polo at peak performance.  Not that I’m at my peak.  The Friendly Giant shouldn’t be able to catch me at all.  But then when we last played, before this summer, he wasn’t 6 foot 5.


3 Responses to “Recap 6/29”

  1. Christine Says:

    Raises hand:
    Mine are early risers and have to be out of the house by 6:30 or they kill each other. I have a swearing namecaller, too. And I really, really, really appreciated the Why Women Can’t Have It All article for reasons you might or might not hate. So I’m looking forward to your post about it. Haven’t read the spoiled article. Probably won’t. Have enough baggage about parenting right now…

  2. Jane Says:

    You’ve probably already mentioned this but I’m sick to death of the Time mag “Are You Mom Enough?” brouhaha. May I add that to your #9?

  3. Elastamom Says:

    #6…wow!!! 😉 But the kid probably was. And #9? Amen. Add political crap to that too.

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