Recap 7/6/12

1. I read the Atlantic’s article, but I thought we would be home mid-afternoon on Wednesday.  We weren’t.

2. Seven-year-olds need an acre.  None of the kids went beyond the acre.  They used the whole thing, but they didn’t go beyond.  Funny, I thought my brothers and I went beyond when I was seven, but that would make The Friend Giant 4, so maybe we stayed in the acre too.

3. I impressed even my large loud family that I can holler a name and have a kid come running home through an acre of forest.

4. Tornado A thinks he can climb and hike as well as the rest of the boys.  He also thinks he can ride dogs.

5. Tornado S has invented “Scorpion Attack.”  He swims over and clings to my back like a baby scorpion to his mama.  He does this even when I’m “it.”

6. I have half of Thursday’s post written for Tornado E’s birthday.

7. I took a nap and then took Tornado E to Color-Me-Mine for his birthday on Thursday.

8. Tornado E made a red and green ice cream cone and asked me if we could come back.

9. Everything is right in the world when I’m immersed in doing art.  Some kind of art.

10. On Tuesday we ran into the Jamaican Sisters from my childhood church.  Nothing is sweeter than having two old ladies tell you they pray for “you and your sweet boys” every day.


One Response to “Recap 7/6/12”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    We need some acres. Badly!!

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