Recap 7/13

1. Ever hang your hopes on the weekend?  The weekend is when I’ll get things done!  The weekend!

2. I wanted to look like a responsible adult.  I don’t think blue or purple nails are very responsible.  I choose “Cotton-Candy Pink.”  It’s weird not to have some shade of blue or purple nail polish on my nails.

3. We own a brain ice-cube tray.

4. Tornado E was teaching Tornado A to sing AWOLNATION’s “Not Your Fault.”  I think that’s pretty awesome.

5. Tornado S loves dancing to Weezer’s “Perfect Situation.”  “This is rock ‘n’ roll!!!”  Yes, it’s on video.

6. Tornado E is now digging on Wheatus’s “Teenage Dirtbag.”

7. So the other night I had to watch a music video, which led to another, which led to another.  Is it any wonder I was up to midnight doing chores?

8. I think Bowling for Soup’s “1985” video is the funniest video I’ve seen.  Probably ever.

9. And the song was funny, until I realized that might be one day.  I’ve got to get this responsible nail polish off.

10. Desperate for a haircut, I tried the girl I take the boys to see at the cheap place.  Not only did she do a good job, she was so psyched by my plan to deal with grey hair that she wants to be my colorist.  So when I go gray, I’m going to her to dye my hair blue.  Bright blue, not old lady bad-hair job blue.

11. All week Tornado A has acted like he hasn’t seen me in days when ever I return, even if I’ve only been out of the room 15 minutes.


One Response to “Recap 7/13”

  1. unicorn Says:

    9. Whut? no glitter? Pfft.

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