On the phone

Tornado S: I’m playing “Lego Star Wars!  Three!”

We just bought the game for Tornado E.  I adore how Tornado S plays Lego games.  I wonder if he actually sees Lego guys his size or he’s using the game as a template.

Me: Awesome!

Tornado S: ON MY PHONE!

Me: What?

Tornado S: I’m playing Lego Star Wars on MY PHONE!

He showed his invisible phone to me.  By the way he held it, I knew it was a smart phone.

Me: Really?  Are you doing well?

Tornado S: YEAH!  I’m beating EVERYBODY!  SEE!

Me: Cool!

Tornado S: After this I’ll take pictures.  Mommy, you want your picture taken?

Me: Sure.

Tornado S: I have the best phone EVER!

Um.  I’m not sure if I should be proud that Tornado S is so bright and imaginative or worried that I may be messing with my phone too much.  At least he didn’t say he was playing “Fruit Ninja” or sending a message to a friend.


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