Recap 7/20

1. I get the parenting summer complaint now.  I can’t get the stuff I want done as workbooks are cutting into nap time AKA DVD/video game time.  I have enough time to sometimes jot down a post and take a quick nap.  This kinda sucks.

2. They’re losing focus on the workbooks again.  I fear the school year.  Especially since I heard 15 minutes of how much homework the school gives and why this mom took her daughter out of there and I really should put Tornado E in the same school her girls are going to and I can drop him off at 8 if I want to.  Not the problem, woman.  And the homework.  That may suck.

3. Tornado A is becoming super clingy lately.  I’m out of town this weekend.  My heart is breaking just thinking about leaving him.

4. On the other hand, watching Tornado A follow Tornado S around and do whatever Tornado S does is adorable. Tornado S enjoyed being the big brother people look up to.

5. Tornado E has swim lessons with the boy he didn’t get along with last year.  Moments of seeing each other, they had to get into a pissing contest.  At least it wasn’t a literal pissing contest.  But I fear that might be next.

6. Our AC is not working properly.  On the upside, this has to be burning calories.  Right?

7. Wednesday was swim lessons, pretzel at local bakery, and then a presentation about desert animals at the local used bookstore.  It was pretty awesome.

8.  I’m trying out a new top coat that insists that it lasts 10 days.  I’ll keep you posted.

9. Dark wine colored nails look more natural than bubble gum pink.  On me.  At least I think so.

10. I’m out of town for the weekend.  Without kids.  Wow.  And then Monday night is out with the girls!  Hmmm.  This doesn’t make me a bad mom, does it?


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