A few Tornado E thoughts

Tornado E: Tornado A does whatever I do.  He says whatever I say.  Probably because he likes me best.  But it really is a mystery.


Tornado E: Mommy, you look better in the afternoon than you do in the morning.  Your eyes are closed.  Your breath stinks.  Your hair is a mess.

Me: Then get out of my bed.

I sat up.

Tornado E: Oh!  Your hair looks better!


Me: Oh man.  I have to be up at 4.  Which means your grandma has to be up at 4 to take me to the airport.  And your daddy has to be up at 4 to make sure he’s here when I leave.  I better set my alarm.

Tornado E: Set mine too so I can be up at 4.

Me: It’s ok, Tornado E.  You don’t need to be up at 4.  You can sleep.

Tornado E: But I want to be up with you, so that I can say goodbye.

Me: Why don’t I wake you up?


Tornado E crawled into bed.  I looked at the time.  2:30 am.  Ugh.  I looked back at him.

Tornado E: Hi, Mommy.  I woke up a little early, so I’m going to sleep here with you for a little bit.


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