Recap 8/3

1. I registered for my first semester of classes.  But I don’t think they consider me a student until I pay them.

2. How can you not love someone who says “Don’t give up naps until you have to; and when you start working, that’s what lunch time is for” and (on having a schedule for your kids and saying it with perfect inflection) “Hell, you need it for survival”?  (And if I misquote, I’m sure she’ll tell me.)

3. Advisor: Do you work full-time?

Me: No.  I’m a stay-at-home mom.

Advisor: You work full-time.  You just don’t get paid.

4. Tornado S is swimming like a fish.

5. It turns out Tornado A gets scared of a storm brewing at night.  Then he wants to climb into bed with his brothers.

6. The moon is hidden in the day because . . .

a. Earth is bright.          b. it is shy.          c. it is too cold.      d. the sun is bright.

That is from Tornado E’s workbook.  I wonder how hard it is to get a job writing or editing reading-comprehension books

7. My dad came home from work and pretended that Tornado E pulled him into the pool when Tornado E shook my dad’s hand.

8. School starts the next week.  This was the last week of workbooks. Tornado E finally figured out to buckle down and get it over.  I dread homework.

9. I miss my jasmine and gardenia bushes at the Orange house.

10. What I really wanted this week was a good burger, sushi, and a giant cookie.  I got a fast food burger, shrimp, and ice cream.  Not bad, but sometimes life can be so sad.


One Response to “Recap 8/3”

  1. Jane Says:

    I LOVE your advisor! (Good luck with classes! 🙂

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