New shirt

Teacher: “Mischief is my game.”  That must be a hand-me-down passed down from one brother to another.

Me: It should have been.

I walked away with another mom and turned the corner.  Our youngests were just a month a part, and they were both riding our hips.

Other mom: It’s a new shirt.

Me: Yes.

Other mom: I could tell.  It doesn’t look worn.  You’re so lucky, Tornado A!  A new shirt!  J gets a lot of hand-me-downs too.  The poor youngest.

J was in Tornado S’s class.  L was in Tornado E’s kindergarten class.  The other mom had a girl older than L, and her youngest was also a girl.

Me: I know.  I feel so bad.  I had to buy him new shirts to offset all the old ones he gets.  I went through Tornado S’s shirts to take out all the 4s.  Apparently he worse the same seven shirts because those were destroyed.

Other Mom: L destroys shirts too.

Me: But I found a few shirts with tags on them.

Other Mom: Score.

Me: I know!  Our poor hand-me-down children.

Other Mom: Life is rough on the youngest.

One Response to “New shirt”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    I love it that I don’t think Matthew even knows his clothes are hand-me-downs…not yet anyway…and I don’t know how that happened!!!

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