The other day I was checking out Facebook when I came across my friend’s post where she mentioned her son was “a little bad boy” who wouldn’t stay still for pictures and they had to leave but there where other “bad little children.”  I was horrified.  Who calls her kid or any children “bad?”  Lord knows that I’ve had my fill of crazy, chaotic behavior that has made me want to pull my hair and yank my child and punish him within an inch of his life, but I have never called him “bad.”

This is when on “The Daily Show” they would cue the montage of all that I’ve called my children.

Tornadoes, rebels, demons, possessed by demons, TWO, hoodlums, Tornado E-Tornado A- I mean TORNADO S!, Tornado A-Tornado S- I mean TORNADO E!, what ever kid you are!, “What is wrong with that kid?”  And let’s not forget three years ago when I threatened Tornado E with “I’m going to let wolves raise you.”  (Yeah, he and I were confused by that too.)

But I never called them “bad boys” to anyone.  I simply implied it.  And that, folks, is good parenting.  Because they haven’t linked calling your kids “tornadoes” regularly (whether to the child or to another person) as psychologically damaging.  It’s a grey area.

One Response to “Names”

  1. unicorn Says:

    I think shitstorms is in the grey area too. I’ll stop you from going…there.

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