Recap 8/17

1. I’m tired of mosquitoes.  I’m doused in Avon’s Skin So Soft, which smells gross.  I’m covered in bites, which looks gross.  On the plus side, Avon’s Anti-Itch spray kicks ass.

2. In a week, Tornado A has become obsessed with all things Mickey Mou(se).

3. Tornado E landed on “red.”  Within the first week.  Errr.  Good news, the teacher assured me it was fine and to be patient with Tornado E.

4. I said to Tornado E, “It has always been this family’s official policy not to negotiate with terrorists.”

5. With the big boys in school, I feel like I should be getting more work done.  But I think my observations are skewed slightly, since I did file a box of paper work, found the counter top of the counter-everyone-has-that-is-just-one-giant-holding-bin-for-paperwork-and-junk, went to lunch with a friend, went to lunch with my mom and sister-in-law, and started going through old school papers, such as Tornado E’s kindergarten papers.

6. I have my text-book; I’m ready as I’ll ever be.  Hmm.  I probably should start reviewing for my subject test.

7.  I was in the car when my mom blew a red light at one of those intersections with cameras.  It was funny because the boys weren’t in the car and I’m sure I can use this to my advantage one day.

8. Ever come up with a good one liner?  And then wait for the perfect set-up by the perfect target.  My day will come.  Oh yes, my day will come.

9. All of the boys’ teachers think I’m amazing for raising three boys as a single mom.  I don’t feel like one because I’m not working.

10. This weekend’s goals include finish getting organized and finish the divorce-help book.  That and I feel like I should see a movie because I should do something fun.

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