The Friendly Giant and a Few Lyrics

Not too long ago, we were headed for dinner, and I was giving my baby brother a ride to the restaurant.  Why not?  I think of the environment and money always.  Besides he was the boys’ favorite person.

I could tell he itched to mess with my radio.  His taste in music is more eclectic than mine, finding good bands long before they hit the radio.  I blame it on the few years in radio; it changes a person.  I remember when I was the cool one.

Then “Some Nights” by fun. started playing.  The Friendly Giant reached over and turned it up.

Tornado E: Thanks, Uncle Friendly Giant!

Tornado S: I like this song!

I smiled.

Friendly Giant: Do you?  Has your mom bought the album for you yet?

Tornado E & Tornado S: NO!

Me: Hey, we own “We Are Young.”

Immediately I felt like a sell-out because everyone loves that song.  I hated being with the in-crowd.

A pause.

Tornado E: It is the same band!

I was trying to get him to listen and recognize voices.  Always handy when you are listening to music on the radio or being pranked phone called by your grandpa.

Because we were coming to an intersection, my attention switched to driving as The Friendly Giant entertained the boys.

Friendly Giant: Hold on, guys.  Fae, this part always makes me think of you and Tornado E.  I get a little teared up every time.

I only caught part of the lyrics.  “I look into my nephew’s eyes.”  I smiled at The Friendly Giant.

Later that I night I went online to get the lyrics.  Funny, that I hadn’t before.  I like lyrics.

“My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she called ‘love’
When I look into my nephew’s eyes…
Man, you wouldn’t believe the most amazing things that can come from…
Some terrible lies…ahhh…” (fun. “Some Nights”)


Then I felt my heart break a little.  I remembered a conversation over five years ago when I learned that my baby brother was not under my protection any more but that he wanted to protect me.  He cried because he couldn’t protect me.  No one could protect me from my own foolishness, even if they lived in the same city.  I cried as I told him I didn’t need protection, that I would find a way out, that I had a handle on this.  I didn’t.  I just couldn’t let my brother hurt any more.

But there’s the other part of the lyrics.  The nephew.  His nephews.  Sure, I walked through fire, got scarred up, and some wounds have yet to heal, and some battles are still needed to be fought.  But I have the boys.  Right now, they’re surrounded by men like The Friendly Giant who can protect them and teach them to be better men.  And my boys are pretty amazing.

I think it’s time for another movie night with The Friendly Giant.

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