What Big Brothers are for

Tornado A: (mumble) Mickey Mou(se) (mumble)?

Me: What was that?  Take out your binky, so I can understand you.

Tornado A spat the pacifier into his hand.

Tornado A: Watch Mickey Mou(se) soon?

Me: Yes.  After we drop Tornado S off at school.

Tornado A: YEA!

He popped the binky into his mouth.

Another parent: How did he get so obsessed with Mickey Mouse?  Did he see it a few times?

Me: No.  We don’t have cable.  I’m not sure how he got to know Mickey.

Tornado S: I taught him!

Me: Did you?

Tornado S: YES!  I taught him all about Mickey Mouse.

I shrugged. Tornado S turned to Tornado A.

Tornado S: Tornado A, say “Star Wars.”  Star.  Wars.

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