We sat around eating dinner, talking about different kinds of families.

Me: And some families only have a mom.  And other families have just a dad.  And that’s all right.

Tornado S: And some families have two moms!

Me: Yes, they do.  And that’s perfectly fine.

Tornado S: Some families have two dads!

Me: Yes, they do.  And that’s fine too.

Tornado E: Wait!  Whoa!  Two dads?  That can’t happen!

Oh really?  Who taught my boy homophobia already?  Because that person is dead.

Me: Why not?

Tornado E: Because boys can’t have babies!  Only girls can get pregnant!

Oh.  Right.  That makes sense.

Me: They can adopt.

They all know about adopting because they know their father was adopted.

Tornado E pondered.

Tornado E: Yes. That would be a good family.

Me: Yup.

Tornado E: I wish I had two dads.

There are two roads of thought they spring to mine.  Rejection of me as a mother.  Humor at the thought of their father turning out gay.  I chose humor.

Me: Really?  Why?

Tornado E: Two dads?!  Twice as much fun!  (Duh, Mom.)

What can I say?  I love my family.  Cue The Roots.


One Response to “Families”

  1. unicorn Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA. 2 Dads = Twice as many penis rules!

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