Recap 8/24

1. Class started for me.  I’m hoping that now all the technical kinks are worked out that everything will be smooth sailing.

2. Except I’m still trying to balance schoolwork with housework and raising kids.  That is taking some adjustment.

3. Now that I have other moms to talk to every day, I realized how much I missed that.

4. Over the last week, Tornado A has increased his vocabulary because he repeats Mickey Mouse and answers the questions.  Nothing is more adorable than his “see you soon.”

5. I tried a new type of cookie.  They spread.  They are chewy.  The concept is good, but it makes me look like an amateur.

6. Tornado E has my cell phone number memorized.  Now if only he would remember his lunch.

7. Eucalyptus trees are great for shade and to protect smaller trees from wind.  They also shed perfect sticks.  Ask Tornado S.  He has a collection growing in the garage.

8. While Tornado E’s teacher gushed about him at the parent-teacher night, I noticed his letter was addressed to me, not Mom and Dad.  Huh.

9. After much thought, moving would be such a bitch now.  I hope the rental company, the owner, and I can come to an agreement.

10. I just realized that I take my subject test in English in two weeks, and I haven’t read about, discussed, or worked on anything English related in almost 10 years.  Not counting any writing.  Um, that’s kinda worrisome.  I better start studying.


One Response to “Recap 8/24”

  1. unicorn Says:

    5. A cookie that spreads? WTF? I’m confused.

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