It all started with . . .

It all started with a little Mickey Mouse.  It was a perfect idea.  Tornado A ate a late breakfast, enjoyed spending time with his best buddy, and learned a few words and to problem solve; while, I caught up on work or studying or Facebook or- I forgot to write a list last night, so what do I need to do?

After too much Mickey for me and too little for Tornado A, I pulled the plug.  We stared at each other.  Crap.  It’s been a while since I was alone with a toddler without some errand to run.  What did I use to do in these situations?  There was a blog with crafts . . . . Oh, wait that was my blog.  Note to self: reread arts and crafts part of your blog.

Then it all started with playing with trucks.  But Tornado A doesn’t like sharing, especially creative control.  Like his mama.  The sharing creative control part, not the sharing.  I could (and still can) share basically anything, except creative control.

It all started out with Tornado A playing trucks while I read to him. Which led him to drive around the house.  It was then he noticed the half-gallon container of bubbles sitting on the counter.

It all started with some bubbles.  (Ah, I remember this!  Tornado E and I did this a lot when he was a toddler.)  So we decided to blow bubbles, and I gave Tornado A his own tiny container to knock over.  I decided to read my notes to Tornado A as I blew bubbles.

It all started with Tornado A deciding he needed a snack.  He wanted chocolate chip cookie bars, and I gave him a choice of Goldfish, graham crackers, fruit leathers, or dried cranberries.  After much arguing, crying, and reverse psychology, we had a snack of graham crackers.  Which we had outside.  Which Tornado A learned how cool it was to kick over a half-gallon of bubble mix.  I swooped in and set the container right with a scolding for Tornado A.

It all started with this puddle of bubble mix on the outdoor carpet.  Which led Tornado A to investigate by tapping his barefoot into the puddle.  Then he started to jump up and down in it, which looked rather fun.  Then he decided to pour the rest of the bubble mixture on the floor to make an even bigger puddle!   Oh dear God, no!

It all started out with trying to hose off the carpet.  Which looked like a lot fun to Tornado A, so he tried to help.  Then he tried to take over.  I compromised and gave him some control.  Which turned out to give him the whole thing.

It all started when I gave Tornado A a hose near the sandbox.  Which is just too tempting to combine.  After Tornado A ignored my warning, I shut off the water.

It all started when Tornado A decided to get into the muddy sandbox to play with his cars better.  Which led to getting sand in his diaper.  He doesn’t like that.

That is why Tornado A went to bed with just a shirt and diapers.

Tomorrow I’ve got to find something better to do with him.


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