Recap 8/31

1. I took Tornado S out for a Mommy-Tornado S day Monday because he didn’t have school.  It begin with him being stung by a bee in the parking lot.

2. It’s pretty awesome to hear teachers praise your child and ask about your other children.

3. Tuesday I made raspberry jam with my mom.  I brushed up on my Macbeth quotes.

4. I finally found time to read blogs, and it was awesome.  I vowed to do it the next day.  Then I remembered I had homework.

5. I’m a very slow reader and careful note-taker.  It takes me a long time to do my reading for school.

6. I decided to go the week with nail polish.  So that’s what my nails look like.  Huh.

7. I’m raising a juvenal delinquent.  But the teacher assured me his behavior isn’t malicious or rebellious.  That doesn’t make me feel any better.

8. Tornado A lets me cut his hair.  I did it to get him used to the sound and movement of getting his hair cut.  Just a snip here and there.  And he came back for more.  Weird kid.

9. Tornado E found his Green Lantern ring and ran around the house being Green Lantern.  Tornado S found a red finger light.

Tornado S: Mommy!  I’m the Red Lantern!  Do you know who that is?

Me: No.

Tornado S: I’m Green Lantern’s enemy.

Of course you are.

10. The other morning.

Tornado E: (from downstairs) MOMMY!  There’s a scorpion!

Me: (from upstairs) Is it real?


Tornado E: NO!

Me: All right then.

Good luck with that kid.

11. I’m such a nerd.  I’m having so much fun learning and relearning all types of English stuff, like literary terms and poetry types.

12. “You’re the playground mom.  It’s so cool that you play with your kids.”  Well, I do it because I like slides and I want a swing.

13.  I totally kicked my to-do list’s ass today.  Now if only that was cooler than it sounder.  If only I didn’t have a to-do list for when the boys went to bed.


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