A Son’s Pride

Tornado E gets out of school 5 minutes before Tornado S.  Their schools are five minutes apart.  With getting Tornado E, walking to the car, buckling in Tornado A, hoping Tornado E is buckling up his at the same time, buckling myself up, getting out of the parking spot, driving, parking, and getting the boys out, it takes longer than five minutes.  While Tornado S’s class doesn’t have an after school program, it does have amazing teachers, who have already taught Tornado S.  So I get a special pass.  The afternoon teacher is the favorite teacher of the three teachers who teach the kindergarten class.

Instead of grabbing Tornado S and heading home, Tornado E, Tornado S, and Tornado A make themselves at home in the kindergarten room, playing with toys, visiting with the teacher.   The teacher visits with us as she cleans the classroom and sets it up.

The other day while Tornado A was showing me different plastic foods, wanting to know their names, which I told him, I overheard Tornado E talking to the kindergarten teacher.

Tornado E: My mommy is in school, right now.

Teacher: Yes, I know.

Tornado E: And did you know that when I’m in fourth grade, she’ll be teaching high school?!

I looked over at Tornado E, caught off-guard by the pride in his voice.

Teacher: She’s a better woman than I.

Tornado E: She’s going to teach English!

I didn’t realize how much he was paying attention or what it meant to him.  Funny, that.


2 Responses to “A Son’s Pride”

  1. unicorn Says:

    I’m immensely proud of you too Fae. You go girl!

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