It’s either coincidence or this kid is really bright.

So it’s possible that Tornado A might be my smartest kid yet.  On more than one occasion friends and family have whispered, “Um, that kid, he’s going to be your smartest one.”

Which is weird because a study came out a few years ago, in which researchers found that the eldest child had the highest IQ, and the IQ went down with each sibling.  I remember this study well because as soon as I read it, I was on the phone with The Face.  Ha!  To which he replied, “well, you are the smart one.”  Um, what?  For years, The Face outshined me in academics.  We’re talking about a boy who could recite multiplication tables in first grade, a boy who excelled in math, science, and spelling, a boy who didn’t have to study until some time in high school.  Of course, his statement took the wind right out of my sails.  A few weeks later, I met one of his friends.  “Oh, you’re Fae, the smart one.”  Yeah, that’s me.  Can you call my mom and tell her?

Back to Tornado A.  He’s cunning.  He’s bright.  He does things that his brothers didn’t do until they were older.  But his brothers are bright and cunning and shining examples of how to push boundaries.

But then Tornado A does things like yesterday.

We were at Walmart for a few cheap supplies.  I have recently learned they have some cool shirts.  I found one for Hunger Games.  I like to wear understated fan-ware.  This shirt had the 12 district seals and nothing else.  Cool.  I held it up to take a closer look.

Tornado A: ‘unger games!

Me: What?

Tornado A: ‘unger games!

Me: Good job, Tornado A.  Hunger Games.

Now I have told the boys about Hunger Games.  Tornado E is intensely interested and wants me to read the books to him, and he wants to go see the movie after that.  I have compromised and told him a Cliff Note version of the story.  I also own two Hunger Games shirts.  One, from back when Hunger Games was a novel and not even a film in project, has an outline of Katniss drawing back her bow with the saying, “Girl on Fire.”  The second shirt is the District 12 seal with the words “Hunger Games” written above it.

So for Tornado A to deduce that I held a Hunger Games shirt, he had to remember I had one with a giant District 12 seal.  He then had to see and identify the seal among 12.  Quickly.

Or it could be coincidence.

Or there’s today.

It’s Grandparents’ Day at Tornado S’s school, and my parents went, meeting us at Tornado S’s classroom.  Naturally Tornado A spent some time with his grandparents before we left.  I gathered Tornado A up and walked out into the parking lot.  He pointed to a gray truck parked a few spaces away from mine.

Tornado A: Papi truck!

Me: What?

Tornado A: Papi truck!

Me: Yes, that’s Papi’s truck.  Good eyes, Tornado A.

My dad drives a gray Ford full-cap, full bed, pick up truck.  There are tons of those.  Yes, I know.  He saw his grandparents, so he knew they were there.  But he didn’t point to a blue Mustang and say “Nana car.”  My parents do take turns driving the vehicles.  I was surprised they took the truck.

Or it could be coincidence.


One Response to “It’s either coincidence or this kid is really bright.”

  1. In-House Counsel Says:

    My fourth, though perhaps not the pure intellect of his oldest brothers, was always surprising me with insights that seemed inexplicable. How great that your can blog a record of these things he will love hearing about when he is older.

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