Recap 9/7

1. Guess what!  I have a real reason not reading blogs or answering comments or doing emails.  I take my English subject test, which will qualify me to teach English.

2. So we skipped mass Sunday because the thought of studying 2 hours as the kids watched cartoons was just too great to turn down.

3. I took the boys to the last Science Sunday at the children’s museum.  We had an awesome time.  As usual.

4. I had jury duty Tuesday.  I looked forward to hours of uninterrupted study time.  Instead I got hours of listening to people say why they shouldn’t be on a jury.  I shouldn’t because I value cops’ testimony over others.  Must have something to do with being raised by a cop.

5.  Tornado A is in that stage where toddlers call all children babies.  It’s adorable. (Poor kid is watching too much TV as I study in the mornings.)

6.  Tornado E had to give a speech on Germany this week.  He chose to do it on food, so I sent him to school with a big bag of gummy bears. (I’ve been using what I learn on giving speeches to help me.  He’s not at the age to roll his eyes at me yet.)

7. Tornado S’s homework was to sing a song to his family and teach us the words.  He chose “The Imperial March.”  And yes, he tried to teach us the “dum-da-dum-da-dum . . . .” (I don’t know why, but Tornado S is the one I tend to tell definitions too.  Like explaining free verse compared to blank verse.)

8. So a couple of weeks ago, I took the AZ practice exam for this test, which I passed.  Barely.  I had to study giving and listening to speeches and teaching English.   Then I took the WA test (because CA, OR, and NH do not have online tests), and I passed.  Barely.  I failed almost every question on linguistics.  I hate linguistics.

9. How stupid is “Compare English Literature to American Literature?”  I’ll tell you.  Beyond stupid.  Literature is divided by movement and/or genre.

9.5. I found and printed out an awesome timeline for literature movements.  I can’t wait to find or build history timelines.

10. I bought magnetic nail polish to use tonight as I study.  To keep me calm.  It may be too late for that.  Yes, much too late.


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