A toddler and a mom

I need to take the time to dig out the finger paints and read my old craft posts. 

I have a toddler all to myself, and I have no idea what to do with him.  We play cars and roll balls.  We watch Mickey Mouse, but damnit, I’m sure I did more with Evan when he. was. oh.

Um.  Hold on a moment.  Evan was born in July.  Sean in May.  Evan was born in 2005.  Sean in 2007.  (How much did I screw myself?  Evan is 07-05, and Sean is 05-07.  I have to think real hard not to mess that one up.)  Evan was 22 months when Sean was born.

Aidan is (He was born in April.  It’s September.) is nearly 29 months. 

Sean was born by the time Evan was 29 months.  Heck, he was big enough to make himself known by that time.  When Sean was 29 months, Evan was in school three afternoons a week, during Sean’s nap time. 

This situation is a first.

So what does one do with a toddler?

Especially one that is enjoying being alone with all the toys and yells “GO AWAY, MOMMY!” and points towards the door.

Dude.  I only wanted to play with the blue car, not your red one.  Geeze.

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