Ewww!  Mommy  Ewww!

Tornado A doesn’t like bugs.

Mommy!  Ewwww!  Mommy!  Ewwww!

It’s the weirdest thing.  Seriously weird.

Ewww!  Mommy!

Disgust laced with fear.  What happened to this kid?

Mommy!  Ewww!

Tornado A has to come get me to deal with the bug.  He takes my hand and leads me to the bug.

Ewww!  Mommy!

So I swat it away or carry it away or blow it away, or in the unfortunate case that it’s a roach and inside my house, then I stomp on it and flush it away.

Mommy!  Ewww!

Ant.  Fly.  Roach.  Beetle.  Mosquito.  Bee.   All of them upset Tornado A.

Except butterflies.

Mommy!  Pretty!

I just worry about this aversion.  The kid has two older brothers after all.  Weaknesses will be exploited.

I guess we can always call The Friendly Giant over to chase Tornado E and Tornado S with a frog.

God, I’m raising wusses.


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