Ewww!  Mommy  Ewww!

Aidan doesn’t like bugs.

Mommy!  Ewwww!  Mommy!  Ewwww!

It’s the weirdest thing.  Seriously weird.

Ewww!  Mommy!

Disgust laced with fear.  What happened to this kid?

Mommy!  Ewww!

Aidan has to come get me to deal with the bug.  He takes my hand and leads me to the bug.

Ewww!  Mommy!

So I swat it away or carry it away or blow it away, or in the unfortunate case that it’s a roach and inside my house, then I stomp on it and flush it away.

Mommy!  Ewww!

Ant.  Fly.  Roach.  Beetle.  Mosquito.  Bee.   All of them upset Aidan.

Except butterflies.

Mommy!  Pretty!

I just worry about this aversion.  The kid has two older brothers after all.  Weaknesses will be exploited.

I guess we can always call The Friendly Giant over to chase Evan and Sean with a frog.

God, I’m raising wusses.

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