Recap 9/14

1. If it’s not nagging them about homework, it’s nagging them about picking up.  I hate sounding like a broken record.

2. English test done.  Now to wait a month to make sure I pass.  Then to study history and government.  Anyone know any good books?

3. Right when I decide to be good and actually sleep like normal people, I get attacked by insomnia.

4. I need to check my mail more than once every other week.

5. Wednesday Tornado E was out at lunch time.  So it was Tornado E-Mommy day!

6. I bought Tornado S a Darth Vadar jacket.  As in it looks like a Darth Vadar suit.  I also found Star Wars swim trunks for next summer.  I am so cool.

7. Tornado A is hugging his brothers goodbye and hello at school.  I need photographic evidence.

8. The house is back to normal.  And I’m starting to get a hang of being in water over my head.

9. Last night the boys wanted to scream and yell, so I sent them outside.  My neighbors only have two more years of this.  You’re welcome.

10. I must be feeling energetic.  I have so many plans.  Building packages, ideas to mail random things, designing a new dining room set.  “I love it when a plan comes together.”


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