New Rule: No more penis jokes

Me: What did one chip say to the other chip?

Evan: I don’t know.

Me: Let’s take a dip.

Evan and Sean started laughing, and because they were laughing, Aidan started laughing.

Evan: Ok.  My turn.  What did one chocolate chip say to the other chocolate chip?

Me: I don’t know.  What?

Evan: Let’s go in the batter! 

Me: Um, Evan?

Evan: Get it!  It’s because chocolate chips go into the batter.

Me: Well, I don’t think-

Sean: I’ve got one!  What did one penis say to the other penis?

Me: Sean-

Evan: What?!

Sean: PENIS!

Evan and Sean howled with laugher, and because they were laughing, Aidan joined in.

God, help me.

Evan: I’ve got one!  Knock knock!

Sean: Who’s there?

Evan: PENIS!

My “that’s not funny” was lost in the laughter of three boys.

Sean: What did Stupid Guy say to The Emperor?!

Evan: What?!

Oh God.

Sean: PENIS!


And more laughter.

Couldn’t they stick to slap stick instead?

Evan: Hey, Sean!

Me: Ok!  If you want dessert, then get outside!

Three boys raised outside with cookies.  At least that will keep them quiet for a little while….

I could have sworn I had a rule against penis jokes already.  Something that shouldn’t be violated for a couple more years.

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