I never thought….

Two things to cross of things-I-never-thought-I-would-say list.

I took the boys to the park on Sunday.  As I pushed Tornado A on the swing, Tornado E and Tornado S tried to get a few kids to play with them.  They were too far away for me to hear what the conversation was about, but I could read Tornado E’s body language as he gave them his pitch.  My little extrovert.  My little salesman.  My little leader.

Tornado E: You guys can be the Nazis!

Now that was clear enough for all the adults surrounding the playground to hear.

Imaginary facepalm.

Remain calm.

Me: (pitching my voice just under The Voice level) Tornado E!  Come here.  Now.

Tornado E ran over.

Tornado E: Hi, Mommy!  What do you want?

Me: (deep breath) We don’t make other people Nazis.

Tornado E: But we’re going to play Indiana Jones!

Me: We. Do Not. Make other people. Nazis.

Tornado E: But Mommy!

Me: Play a different game.  Have different enemies.  But we do not play Nazis.  Do you understand?

Tornado E: Yes, Mommy.

He walked off.

I’m really starting to regret buying him that video game.


As I was reading, Tornado S ran into the room.

Tornado S: MOMMY!

Me: What?

Tornado S: Girls pee from here, right?!  (He pointed to his crotch.)

Me: Yes.

Tornado S: Ok!  (He ran out of the room.)  Daddy!  I was right!  Girls do pee from there!  Mommy told me!

Um, ok.

Now technically I knew that conversation was coming.  I just didn’t expect to discuss it in that manner.


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