I try not to judge.  It isn’t in my nature.  Unlike gossiping.  I’m a horrible gossip because I love to talk and people are fascinating to talk about.  But judging.  There but the grace of God go I.  And all that.  I try not to judge other people’s parenting.  Only two weeks ago, I was chasing a fast, giggling two-year-old through a department store, mentally cursing myself for not bringing a stroller, leash, or lasso, as old ladies shook their head in disapproval.  Seriously.  I’ve made my share of parenting mistakes, and I know I’m not even half way through.

But I have my limits.  I’m not a saint.  I’m not a true anthropologist.  I have my cultural sensitivities.  Like giving the critical eye over a ten year-old withering in a public temper tantrum over a piece of candy or letting a teenage girl dress like a slut and date a twenty-year-old.  Of course, those jerks that harm their children or the ones who forget babies in cars.  Or the parents who feed infants and toddler soda in their bottles. 

So when I overheard “Jenny McCarthy,” my ears perked up as I waited with the other parents for the kindergarten class to be released.

When it was followed by “amazing book” and “she saved my son,” I was filed with revulsion.

“I found her book at the dollar store.  And I thought I would give it a try.”

Of course, it was in the dollar store!  It’s filled with lies, half-truths, and pseudo-science!

“What gluten can do to a body!”

AH!  Are you kidding me?

“Applied behavior analysis has worked wonders on my son.”

It’s- Wait.  That might not be so bad.  I scanned my memory for psychological theory and experiments and theories.  Well, depending on-

“There are only two in town and ours semi-retired.  We say it’s because of us.  She works with the whole family.”

Ok, seriously, if there are only two in a town the size of this town, then it has to be quakery.  Right? (Judger.)  What can one conclude over thinking Jenny McCarthy has any value on anything outside of acting and motherhood? 

So immediately I have taken this mom and placed her in the “She’s an idiot” box.

Excuse me while I research and find out why else she is wrong.  

Because I might as well convict her in my head.


One Response to “Judger”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    I’ve missed you, Faemom! I’m so behind on my blog reading…sorry. I, too, try not to judge…but people make it so damn difficult! Especially ones who believe Jenny McCarthy…

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